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Optilink 4 XI Military model

The Opti-link and Neural-link are back in a more indutrial fashion with the new XI series, With the 32 gb of memory and the removeable 16TB 5D-GDD (designs are not included), Equipped with the photon APU Haldevia's Teken 27 3000. No doubt with this thing , Vayanite scum have no chance of ever winning.

For those non-combatants out there, it includes Xertech OS Standard edition,(the model of your chosing), a Microfiber cloth (charging cable and headphones sold separately). Xertech OS is again in its sleek and futuristic design of tomorrow showing that even military hardware can be beautiful.All for the low, low price of 30,000.99.

Shipping globally,300$ for 2 day shipping , free for premium users.

Only 30,000.99$

was 40,000.99

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