Xertech TOS and privacy policy

Legal information

All users of Xertech™ OS ,Neural-Link , optilink, and other Xertech™ products , waive the right to sue or otherwise legally attack Xertech™ and its subsidaries. Incase of an injury from the products , it is product missue or damage from the end user, Xertech™ is not legally responsible for any injury involing any of its products. Under UN international law 313, Xertech™ is free to revoke life privileges to those who do not follow Xertech™ TOS guidelines .On the Xernet you waive:

privacy information

Xertech™ and its subsidaries collect this type of data: brain patterns , eye movement patterns, hormone patterns and shifts, Xersites visited, daily interactions, biometric data like faces and blood types, Constant location data debit card information,social security , passports and citizenship licenses,dreams , personal relationships, contacts , politcal opinions , speech patterns, Memories ETC.

Xernet policies

At xertech we respect diversity and making a safe space for our users , So we must enforce some rules. Any Hatespeak against someones ethnicity , sexual orientation ,religion etc, will cause you to recieve a 30000$ fine ,continuing to do so will permit Xertech™ to use physical force against you.If a user were to post misinformation they will be tracked down and revoked life privileges , As the UN international law 947 states: "posting of misleading , misinforming content will result in any company or state in UN control to revoke life privileges to the perpetrator".